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what’s it like to be you?

April 2, 2008

Ad Industry,Speakers,Students

– Account executives
– Media directors
– Creative directors
– Copywriters
– Graphic designers
– Photographers
– Market researchers
– PR managers

RIT’s American Advertising Federation chapter would like to hear your insights and stories about working in the advertising industry (past or present)! Tell us about how your interests lead you to advertising, how does what you do on a daily basis differ from what you may have expected going in, what your experiences have taught you, how do you collaborate with others in your field, what are the ethical choices you have made, and what makes you proud to be in advertising?

We want speakers for the spring quarter and fall quarter!
If you’re willing to share your time and stories, please contact Dawn Dewald at dad5955@rit.edu or (307)-277-0557.