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EXHIBIT: Martino Flynn builds the buzz

January 17, 2009

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Check out this recent work from the High Falls team at Martino Flynn. We asked art director Paul Hill for the buzz:

What was the reason for the change?
The J.W. Dundee brand was mis-categorized within the beer segment—often being placed with the lower-shelf, sub-premium products. Our client needed to convince retailers and distributors that the J.W. Dundee line of products was worthy of being placed with the higher-end craft beer offerings. Also, due to a lack of strong brand identity, there was no awareness of the relationship between the six different J.W. Dundee product styles.

Why did they decide to drop the JW?
There was no one actually named “JW Dundee” — it was a fictional name created at the inception. “JW” was the original brewmaster’s initials, and “Dundee” is the village in NY where the honey was made. Since there was nothing authentic about the brand name, we decided to shorten it.

How did you come up with the illustrative approach?
For the craft beer audience, whimsical and quirky brands are seen as authentic and “anti-big brewery” — so illustration was the perfect choice.

It’s so tough to get clients to buy off on illustration…how did you do it?
Casting a bee to play a marching drum was just not working… it had to be an illustration. But once the clients saw the infinite possibilities that illustration gave us, they were very receptive.

Tell me about the digital element.
Martino Flynn created the DundeeBeer.com website, including the flash programming, in just under three weeks in order to have the site up during the key summer sell-in period.

Anything else you want to tell us?
Martino Flynn also created a slew of permanent and temporary POS elements to support pubs and retailers.

Props to:
Agency: Martino Flynn
Creative Director: Tim Downs
Copywriter: Duane Bombard
Art Directors: Paul Hill, Lisa Nasca, Sherri Baker
Prepress: Anne Trabold, Steve Safran
Production Supervisor: Matt Rankin
Interactive Developers: Scott Wolf/Pete Fazio
Account Executive: Gina Piendel
Illustrator: Richard Wehrman, Merlinwood
Photography: Studio 2B
Client: High Falls Brewing Company