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Burnett’s ’09 Predictions

January 23, 2009

Ad Industry,Brand Strategy,Opinions,Video

Leo Burnett’s UK office just released predictions for 2009 via Youtube. Here’s an opinionated review:

2 things I like
1. They have a point of view on our times
2. They’re using the web to spread it quickly

3 things I don’t
1. Cliché packed – “pace of change is accelerating”, “tipping point”, “brands are vehicles”; check, check, and check
2. Conventional wisdom packaged as trends, e.g. trust is critical to brands, organizations that go the extra mile will prosper, etc
3. Excessive animation distracts

Skeptics of account planning will find much to dislike (and have). But my own prediction is that it results in client inquiries, i.e. “can you come talk to my team on your ’09 predictions”. Then they can offer specific and actionable suggestions. If that’s the case, score 1 for LB.

What do you think?

Matt Jones