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What the Dream Team was to basketball, this team is to blogging

March 3, 2009


Ok, you’d have to know USA Olympic basketball to get that. Even then, it may not make sense. But this does: we recently invited 5 area pro’s to form the RIF RAF blog team.

The group was recruited to represent a range of specialties, and each member will be bringing it a couple times a month, beginning this week. Here’s the lineup:
1. Michael Chatfield, Account Planning, Partners & Napier
2. Duane Bombard, Freelance Creative Director
3. Sharon Harper, Public Relations, Martino Flynn
4. Susan Cregan, Media, Butler Till
5. Andrea Zuegel, Freelance Internet Strategy

To round things out, you’ll also see posts from RAF board members. Consider this an invite to join the conversation. And if you’d like to be included on a future roster, drop me a note.

Matt Jones