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March 25, 2009

Interactive,Social Media

I am on Flickr, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Adgabber and even a social network just for knitters called Ravelry. But I am no equal opportunity social networker. For example, I can’t bring myself to join LinkedIn. People keep sending me invites. I keep ignoring them. With mounting guilt, I admit. I just have this perception of LinkedIn as a kind of Facebook for suits.

And speaking of Facebook, I do have my limits there as well. I have never thrown a snowball, poked back, sent a cocktail or discovered what kind of writer I am. Oh sure, I’ll shamelessly post a link promoting a cause I support and occasionally tag a photo of one of my friends. But only if it’s a really, really good photo. So far, I have ignored every request sent my way. A couple of times I faltered and hit accept. But I swear, I never went all the way. Maybe it was the guilt. Maybe it was the tiny fear that somehow my Facebook Friend would find out I spurned their invitation. But I never get past the screen that asks if I will then allow Facebook to access my information. Sorry, FB, I’m just not that kind of girl.

I also can’t bring myself to sign on for any RSS feeds. The idea of syndicating the posts from all of my “news” sources seems too daunting. As if I’d then have to actually read them.

What about you? Do you have any limits in this wild interactive world? Or am I just an ignoramus?