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Post with Purpose

April 2, 2009

Events,Interactive,Social Media

National Acrobats of China

National Acrobats of China

My kids recently went to see Nazareth College’s National Acrobats of China performance; absolutely loved it. I had seen a small ad in the paper a while back, but frankly forgot about it. So what prompted me to buy those tickets? Facebook.

My friend Rachel DeGuzman, marketing director at Nazareth College Arts Center, is using Facebook the way organizations should. She not only posts interesting and relevant information (to share with her well-cultivated friends list), she makes it actionable. So, because Rachel posted the acrobats performance it was now “in my face,” where I not only noticed it but could take the follow next steps:

  1. Link to a page where I could buy tickets
  2. Export the event to my calendar
  3. Share the event with other friends

Rachel also kept this post interesting by adding reviews as they appeared in local media. There are plenty of additional next steps you can give your friends for your events: RSVP, share with more friends, comment/vote, etc. This is a truly interactive way to engage.

I’ve used Facebook events for both personal and professional events. The key is to post with purpose: notify your friends about the event, but make sure you give them those next steps to seal the deal.

— Andrea Zuegel