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What’s the RAF do anyway?

June 25, 2009


Something to do with the Ad Council? We put on the Addies? Not sure?

We here at the RAF would like to clear this up. At last week’s retreat (boondoggle down at the Greenbrier, or was it the 4th floor at Partners?), we took the first step: agreeing to a simple statement of purpose. Not a grand vision, just something we could say in the elevator when asked “what does the RAF do?”. Here it is:

“We strengthen our creative communications community through programs and events that educate and inspire great work”.

That’s it. May not roll off the tongue, but its pretty straightforward. Any rate, we don’t intend to spend months on a strategy deck. We want to do stuff that makes good on the promise above. And I’m pleased to report that as we discussed event ideas on the afternoon of the retreat, we kept coming back to this statement to sharpen our focus.

In addition to tweaking some of our annual events to be more on strategy, we’re also going to explore a casual monthly affair to exchange ideas and have a drink. More to come on that.

In meantime, love to hear from you. Does the purpose make sense? Is it attainable? What opportunities are we missing? Appreciate your thoughts.