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2 announcements to spice up a slow Friday in August

August 20, 2009


I mentioned in a previous post (still on the office fridge no doubt) that we here at the RAF have a new-found focus: strengthening our creative communications community through programs and events that educate and inspire great work. With that in mind, 2 announcements:

“20 minutes and a Beer”
Not what you think. It’s a monthly event where we’ll ask a local expert to opine on a topic briefly, then we have a drink. Simple as that. We have one planned:
When: Tuesday, September 22; 5:30
Where: Tap and Mallet
What: Jon Brown from P&N will give a practical tour through Social Media

Why only one planned? We want to test the idea and get feedback before we blow out a schedule. So join us and share your thoughts.

A Bigger, Badder Blog Team.
3 stars have joined the ranks, perhaps lured by our comprehensive health insurance program:

Chris Lyons, who describes himself this way: above average jump shooter, lousy putter, pretty good Illustrator, devoted Teacher.

Jennifer Wolfe, Principal + Designer for Jennifer Wolfe Design and Adjunct Professor at RIT.

Whit Thompson, ACD at Roberts Communication. Whit has been an outstanding addition to the Rochester ad ranks and promises no shortage of opinion. Decent tennis player too I hear.

As Buffalo Bill and fellow RAF member Terrell Owens would say, “get your popcorn ready”.

Matt Jones