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20 Minutes & a Beer Recap

November 25, 2009


Last Tuesday, November 17, 2009, Jeff Gabel from Partners + Napier gave a very motivating talk to a packed house at the Tap & Mallet on, “The common constructs of great ideas.” After Jeff’s talk several of RAF members in attendance wanted to know if they could get the list for inspiration. Well, here it is. Thanks Jeff!

Common Creative Constructs:
Work without words,
Combine things,
Use comparative juxtapositions,
Convert the benefit to a disadvantage,
Have fun with omission,
Change the perspective,
Change 1 element,
Tell a story,
Alter the product,
Show alternative uses,
Play with words,
Have a few meanings,
Change the medium,
Consider the context.

Now, are there any others you would add? Comment back and let’s see how long this list can go.

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