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Happy New Year from the RAF

January 6, 2010


Well a new year brings new resolutions. That one time a year where we get on our soap box and say “I will exercise more,” “I will eat better,” or “I won’t engage in road rage behavior on 590.” Whatever it is, let’s not forget the New Year is a good time to reacquaint ourselves with our brands we have been entrusted with. To maybe look upon the media plan with fresh eyes, or reconsider the concepts behind your next campaign. Are they solid, or are they overweight and in need of a diet?
So what’s your New Year’s Resolution for your brand?

From all of us at the RAF. Happy New Year and here’s to a prosperous 2010. I look forward to the upcoming events like the 20 Minutes & a Beer event with Chris Lyons on the 19th, and of course the Addy Award show on March 12th!

Mr. RAF Prez.