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Not if, but when you become a freelancer.

January 25, 2010


20 minutes and a Beer was again a very successful night. Chris Lyons gave a very inspirational, and motivating talk about the business of freelance. In case you missed it here are the main points of his talk:

1. — Establish a manageable and efficient Business Process:
Discipline is the key, capture and organize contact information, and anticipate the expenses

2. — Professional Support:
Line up your Legal, Financial and IT experts so that they are in place to help you manage through the inevitable disasters that will pop up.

3. — Shameless Self Promotion:
Be relentless promoting yourself. This is no time for stealth marketing.

Thanks Chris! Next talk will be on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Our very own RAF Communications Chair Andrea Zuegel will present on the topic of Web Design/Usability. See you there! Information on us, beer on you.

And don’t forget, Addy submissions are due this Friday the 29th. You can bet Chris has his in… see point #3.

Mr. RAF Prez.