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Don’t work in advertising? No problem.

December 31, 2012


By Falynne Smith, public relations chair, Board of Directors, RAF

I don’t work in advertising. I’ve never created a commercial, I don’t share an office with those creative guys with the thick black-rimmed glasses and I definitely don’t know how to use InDesign. I’ve actually spent my entire career working in public relations. So why am I blogging on the RAF website and more importantly, why did I join the RAF Board of Directors?

Marketing and communications practices today are not what they were 10 or even five years ago. Back when people didn’t spend half of their lives online, everyone stuck to their own siloed tasks. If you worked in PR, you pitched reporters. If you were a graphic artist, you created cool visuals and if you worked in advertising, well, you made ads. Those days are gone. The lines are continuing to blur and integrated marketing practices are now the new norm. Marcom professionals unwilling to step outside of their roots and expand their skills sets are quite frankly, going to get lost in the shuffle.

Joining the RAF has offered me an inside look at the advertising world, through the eyes of some of Rochester’s best and brightest. From freelancers, to photographers, account managers and many more, the RAF Board and its members are passionate about their field and even more so about sharing that passion with others.

If you’re a curious marketing or communications professional who’s interested in learning a bit more about your advertising counterparts, consider joining us – just be prepared to be inspired.