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RAF Inspiration Facebook Summary: February 10-16

February 19, 2013


By Rich Pulvino

Inspirational activity slowed down a bit over the past week, but there were certainly some gems posted that deserve attention.

Just to get it out of the way, I’m going to be shameless and promote my own post about album art. The album art for Youth Lagoon’s new record looks like a page out of a Dr. Seuss book if he was hanging out with Hunter Thompson. The cover received comparisons to the work of painter Henry Darger. Simply put—it looks fantastic and perfectly matches the title, Wondrous Bughouse. So much so that this is the type of album I would judge by its cover. Luckily the band is as talented as the cover’s artist.


Last Sunday, we were treated to some of the most magnificent natural lighting we’ve seen in a while. Winter in Western New York doesn’t bring about these days too often, and Scott Hamilton described the day perfectly:

“Oddly enough, this morning while sitting on the couch with the acoustic guitar in hand , saw nature’s incredible beauty out there through the big front window and presto magically happy music passed through the instrument. Funny how that happens. The drive out of the neighborhood and even down a desolate stretch of tarmac such as 490 was inspiring. Mark my words, today will be the most visually stunning day of the year.”

Scott Wolf posted about Vimeo and how he’s continuously inspired by the online video network’s Staff Picks. There’s a plethora of quality work to choose from. Some of the current picks include a documentary about a former contractor who rescues stray cats and dogs in a culture that traditionally looks down at these animals; a music video by Matthew and Me for their song “Old Flame Alight” that uses tilt-shift photography, 100 colored umbrellas, and brilliant art direction; and an adaption of the Brothers Grimm tale, The Golden Bird.

Finally, with the simplest and most inspiring post of the week, Mike Chatfield reminded us about the future of advertising: the students. By stating how he’s inspired by student work and how they’re “in it to win it,” he reminds us that it’s our role to not only work with and nurture each other for the better of industry and community, but to do the same, if not more, for those who will entering the profession in the future. We want each new generation to do better than the on that preceded it.

Stay tuned for next week when we’ll provide another update, and as always, keep the inspiring posts coming.