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Let’s Start the Super Bowl Ad Replay Now!

January 27, 2014


RAF and AMA Super Bowl Ad Replay

The Super Bowl Ad Replay may be a week away, but current ad trends allow us to start the show early. Every year it seems that more and more brands are releasing their commercials before the Super Bowl. And if not the ads themselves, brands will create teasers for the ads.

Consider what Dannon has done this year with the fellas from Full House. John Stamos has long been a spokesman for the brand, but word on the street was that a couple original cast members from Full House would joining him in a Super Bowl. Sure enough, Dannon released this teaser last week:

And then came out with the official ad a few days later:


This kind of pre-Super Bowl launch became popular three years ago, when Volkswagon released this classic Darth Vader commercial four days before the big event.

Even brands who aren’t advertising in the Super Bowl are getting in on the fun. English beer Newcastle released a teaser for a Super Bowl ad it never created, and then extended the joke with an ad to prepare the viewer for the ad that was never created. A brilliant move, but it’s all part of a larger trend happening in advertising where timing is becoming almost as important as the creative and message behind the ads.

We know you love the Super Bowl, and more importantly the ads that go with it. Be honest—you time your bathroom breaks during the game so you don’t miss any of the commercials. To get in on all the fun, join us at the Burgundy Basin on Tuesday, February 4 for the Super Bowl Ad Replay that we are co-hosting with the Rochester American Marketing Association. The panel that will be dissecting the best and worst of the Super Bowl ads will consist of:

• Michael Baron, VP, Creative Director, Partners + Napier
• Tom Proietti, Resident Scholar in Media, St. John Fisher College
• Jeannine Rossignol, VP, Marketing, Xerox Corporation
• Whit Thompson, Group Creative Director, Martino Flynn

You can purchase tickets and find more information on the RAF Connect website. We look forward to seeing you there, and go Seahawks/Broncos!