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RAF Inspired: Morning light, collaboration, and a $400 burger

November 22, 2015


Inspiration: Morning light, collaboration, and a $400 burger.
By Rich Brainerd

As the newly elected President of the RAF board, I was chosen to start off the RAF Inspired blog series. Over the next 18 months, all of our fabulous board members will be doing a post on what inspires them. I chose to write about a day that is pretty typical for me, except for the incredible ending.

I’m a business owner. This means I have a daily list of activities that is usually longer than I can accomplish during most people’s waking hours. Thus, I wake up every day before the sun rises. I’m sure this doesn’t sound appealing to most people, but there’s one big advantage. I get to see the sun rise and the effects that the morning light has on the world. Whether the sunrise is brilliant or hidden behind clouds, it reminds me of how lucky we are to be here. Suddenly, my inspirational thoughts are broken by the sound of kids running down the stairs to catch the bus.

The second part of my day is filled with collaboration. I’m lucky to love what I do, and that is because I get to work with many wonderful, creative individuals. The process of creating an image is rarely the work of just myself. From clients to colleagues, I love to get everyone’s input to create the best image possible. This collaborative process is what inspires me to go to the studio day after day, and I look forward to it every time.

There was an extra special inspiration leading me to finish the day earlier than usual. For our anniversary, my wife and I indulged in a night at Mirbeau Inn and Spa. The most flavorful part of this splurge: the Mirbeau Burger. This decadent burger is served on a brioche roll with Portobello mushrooms, balsamic red onions, gruyere and spinach, with bistro fries, bérnaise sauce, and bordelaise sauce on the side. This burger cannot be adequately described by words alone. It was a lovely, romantic getaway, but we joked that the burger was the reason we went there. Thus the “$400 burger,” room rate included. It’s totally worth it.

Be inspired, stay inspired. #RAFinspired


P.S. To view the burger you can visit my personal blog, here.