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RAF Inspired: Inspiration comes from gratitude

January 4, 2016


RAF Inspired: Inspiration comes from gratitude.
By Katelin Pellett

Back in January 2011, I opened to page one of a new journal given to me for Christmas, and wrote “A year of thank yous” at the top. In an effort to be more disciplined about writing regularly, I wanted to come up with something simple that wouldn’t allow for my normal list of excuses (lack of time, lack of energy, nothing to write about, etc.). After some thought, I decided that I would write down one thing I was thankful for at the end of every day. I’m a big fan of handwritten thank you notes, so really, it made sense to start writing them to myself.

This act of practicing daily gratitude helped solve my motivational issues around writing pretty quickly, but it also helped with something else. I had had a rough patch in the six months prior, and while I tried to keep perspective, I had moments and whole days that were tough to feel thankful for anything other than bedtime & wine (not in that order). But all of a sudden, I had this record of all the good in my life–in small, half-page doses–to refer to when I lost my way, and my ability to see outside of myself.

It was a year of abundant goodness and gratitude, as well as acknowledging the people who made those things possible. And I haven’t stopped since.

Here are a few favorites:

1. (00000002)

(Dear Niece Who is Both Parts Cute & Funny)

(Dear Day That I Spent In The Coffee House)

(Dear Day That I Spent In The Coffee House)

(Dear White Feather I Saw In My Hair When I Looked In The Mirror)

(Dear White Feather I Saw In My Hair When I Looked In The Mirror)

Sometimes we live in a thankless, pessimistic world. But I found through this daily action there is much to celebrate every day. There’s a quote that says, “Perception is reality; change your perception, change your world,” and I think with more deliberate and regular gratitude, our ability to inspire others has no limits.

I urge you to take a moment to look around your own world and find one thing to be thankful for. You don’t have to do it for a whole year, or even a week. Try it one time. If you feel like sharing one, use #inspiredtothank (and don’t forget to tag anyone that was part of the goodness).

Be inspired, stay inspired. #RAFinspired


P.S. Jimmy Fallon totally stole this idea from me. But he’s way funnier than me so check this out!