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RAF Inspired: Music, Art, People – Perspective

January 15, 2016


RAF Inspired: Music, Art, People – Perspective
By James Farley

What inspires me? What a fantastic question to think on. If you were to ask someone that knows me well, you may hear quite a few different answers. Some would say music. Others art. Some that see me in my element would say it’s helping people achieve their goals (especially when they see me geek out on how to best accomplish their financial goals). You’ll even hear reading, cocktails, movies, a good party, etc.

I would say all of the above could be clues to the greater inspiration. If there’s a common theme in the above, I think it’s stories. Each has a way of telling a story and creating memories, and in my opinion there is nothing more significant than the memories and experiences we create or have in our lives. The moments that live with us forever.

Music can transform our mood, can emphasize a feeling, and can bring back thoughts of things that have meant a lot to us in our lives. Art & film give us something to discuss and debate in our quest for understanding and seeing things from perspectives other than just our ownEven my career, by its nature, is focused on understanding what drives people and helping others identify clearly their dreams and the vision they have for their lives.

These are all stories. They all create memories. And they drive and inspire me every day.

When we find moments in our life that move us deeply, when we take steps that move us towards who we want to be, and when we build connections that create memories of love and understanding of our story – this is how we get the highest high. Heck, our own built in reward system (Serotonin & Oxytocin) is programmed to connect around these feelings. Helping others accomplish their greatest goals. Memories and times with loved ones. They all feed and drive us.

This is what drives me. It’s what inspires me every day.

What can you create that lasts forever? What steps can you take to greatest you?

I want to hear your story. I want you to be a part of mine.

Let’s make 2016 a tale worth telling. #RAFinspired