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Why RAF?

June 6, 2016


Why RAF?
By Kelly Chapman

Membership Has its Privileges

You probably remember when American Express used that slogan. I sure do. Now, as VP of Membership for the RAF, that slogan means more to me than ever before.

A large part of the responsibilities of this position is figuring how to get more people—and companies—to become members. So, I often find myself talking with other board members about “what you get” when you join the RAF. What you get are called “benefits.” Trust me, there are some great ones, like discounted ADDY entry pricing, access to fun events like 20MAAB and Freelance Fresh, the option to post job openings for free on the RAF website—and the list goes on.

But at the end of the day, there’s more to RAF membership.

The real reasons to join the RAF aren’t listed in our brochure. They don’t come up during board meetings, because they’re intangibles. You can’t see or touch them, but you can certainly feel them.

For me, an RAF membership includes the privilege to be inspired by others, when you see or hear what inspires them. And the privilege to visit a new venue, filled with familiar faces. To catch up with former colleagues. To network with like-minded people forging new friendships. Friendships that can last longer than some agencies. And to be part of a larger community that truly cares about Rochester’s creative community.

These are what I consider the “privileges of membership.”

If you aren’t a member, you’re missing out. And if you are a member, but haven’t taken advantage of these perks, I encourage you to ask around to find out why RAF membership truly “has its privileges.”