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Designing a Wave: Introducing Foreign Concepts with Design

May 19, 2019


EVENT DATE: June 18th 2019
TIME: 5:30pm – 8pm
LOCATION: Restaurant Good Luck,50 Anderson Ave, Rochester, New York 14607 (Get Directions)
PRICE: $3 at the door for RAF members/$5 for non-members.

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Speaker: Justin Dusett, Creative Director at Neon Wave – A fashion and lifestyle shop in Rochester
Title: Designing a Wave: Introducing foreign concepts with design

Justin DusettYou know the look a non-Rochester-native gives you when you describe a garbage plate? Remember the original iPhone “buttons” with forced bevel edges? Texture plays a key role in influencing decisions and encouraging understanding of foreign things. This conversation is about introducing unique ideas to new markets with design as a catalyst. We’ll talk about the concept of suggestive familiarity and how to use it to make “weird” seem natural. You know the look a Rochester-native gives you when you say you’re leaving a great job to open a surf shop? Justin does, and he’s going to tell you how design made it less crazy.