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20MAAB September : Aligning Impact with Intent

September 3, 2019


EVENT DATE: September 17th 2019
TIME: 5:30pm – 8pm
LOCATION: Restaurant Good Luck,50 Anderson Ave, Rochester, New York 14607 (Get Directions)
PRICE: $3 at the door for RAF members/$5 for non-members.

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Speaker: Mike Durand, Founder of Duet Story & Design
Title: Aligning Impact with Intent

Survey after survey reveal that consumers crave authenticity now more than ever. Overwhelming majorities of Millennials, GenXers, and Boomers say it is essential in deciding which brands to support. But if authenticity is so important, why do so many brands fail to convince audiences that their efforts are sincere? Surveys also show that less than half of brand content resonates as authentic? This session is about how to evaluate the credibility of campaigns before the go to market. You’ll learn simple and effective way to ask tough questions and build trust with clients and consumers.