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20MAAB February – Curiosity: Your Oft-Neglected Super Power

January 28, 2020


EVENT DATE: February 18th 2020

TIME: 5:30pm – 8pm

LOCATION: Restaurant Good Luck,50 Anderson Ave, Rochester, New York 14607 (Get Directions)

PRICE: $3 at the door for RAF members | $5 for non-members | Free for students
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Speaker: Mike Johansson, Principal Lecturer, School of Communication, Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: Curiosity: Your Oft-Neglected Super Power

Creativity is a huge buzzword in the 21st Century, but what fuels your creativity? It’s curiosity. By learning to be consciously curious you’ll be more creative, smarter and better looking!

In this lightning fast talk Mike will teach you 10 ways to regain your curiosity mojo. You’ll leave energized, ready to be more creative, smarter with a handout of the 10 tips and you will be better looking. (Seriously being curious makes you more attractive).