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Freelancing During & Post COVID: Questions Answered

June 4, 2020


By Katie Costello, Strategic Business Operations Specialist – Creative Circle

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Though the Covid-19 pandemic has changed and challenged much of our day-to-day lives, there is a new wave of opportunity for work in the creative industry that is breathing hope into our economy, especially for freelancers.

Companies are still hiring, and we’re seeing roles within content, strategy, planning, and multi-tactical design be requested like never before. Although freelance gigs may be presented as short-term right now, companies are increasing the likelihood of extending assignments due to an unknown future and a need to constantly pivot.

Now is the time to level up, be competitive yet flexible with your rates, show your ability to tackle challenges and new ways of working, and prove your value. Be the one who presents solutions to today’s problems, and the work will come.

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