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R/ADWEEK Virtual Advertising Pros Panel

September 21, 2020


Virtual Advertising Pros Panel – Student Event

The path from college to career today is a long journey of the mind with no map. The transition to a first permanent, full-time job has always required a mental shift. The career landscape is changing with dizzying speed.

Most new hires get little or no career-planning help from their employers, forcing them to make it up as they go.

Join us for an interactive panel discussion with seasoned industry pros as they discuss the “transitional bridge” between college and the professional advertising world and how you, as students with amazing raw talent, can be prepared and not scared about your impending deep dive into the post graduate Advertising world.


Becca Post, Founder & CEO, Helen & Gertrude

Jeremy Schwartz, Chief Creative Officer & Founder, Truth Collective

Jen Rampe, Group Creative Director, Vine Creative Studios @ Partners + Napier

Pete VonDerLinn, Chief Creative Officer, Flynn


Aaron Gordon, Founder & CEO, Optic Sky Productions

This event was conceived in a joint effort with the RIT School of Communication. If your college has ideas for additional events that would be valuable for your students, please reach out to president@rafconnect.org