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ADDY Insider Tips

February 7, 2013


Hey there ADDY animals,

How’s entry deadline week coming along? Stressed? Scrambling at the last minute? Don’t even know where to start? Looking for some pro tips?

Your procrastination is about to pay off.

We’ve tapped the indispensable brain of former RAF president Joe Mayernik for some insider tips, tricks, and forget-me-nots.

1. “To win it, you need to be in it.” That’s right, folks. If you’re waiting for the ADDY fairy to grace you with gold, you’ve gotta enter work.

2. “Mount your work properly.” Remember the old adage, first impressions are everything? It applies here, too. “Black boards. Pocket mount pieces. Judges like to touch and experience stuff.”

3. Don’t forget the I in those ROI categories. “Judges like to know the cost of the investment to know if it was a good return.”

4. Don’t try and alter the work. “Seasoned judges can sniff that out.”

5. Take the time to make sure you enter the work in the right category.

6. And while we’re at it, why not enter it in more than one category? “Many times I look at a piece and think ‘Wow, the illustrations are ADDY worthy, I hope they show up in the elements category so I can give them the props,’ because the current entry is not ADDY worthy.”

7. But, not every category. Quality not quantity, folks.

8. Leave your company name off the boards, please. In order for judging to be unbiased, your name really shouldn’t be slapped on the front of it.

9. That means leaving slates off the broadcast entries, too.

10. “On complicated pieces, consider submitting a short explanation video of what it is. This works particularly well for esoteric entries like mobile, guerilla, and/or event marketing.”

11. Take a second look at the newer web categories. “Enter smart to get the gold.”

12. Give credit where credit’s due. “Nobody likes the d-bag that leaves people off or takes credit for work they did not really do.”

13. The work NEEDS TO BE REAL and NEEDS TO HAVE RUN. There have been winners in the past who were later found to have violated this policy. Don’t make us get awkward, guys. It’s not fun for either party.

Now that you’re armed with lots of insider ADDY entry secrets, we’ll drop the good news – you’ve got five more whole days to put these pro tips to work!

Five o’clock sharp on Monday February 11th, to be exact. Remember.. nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Good luck! ENTER NOW!