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On the Side Expo with Aaron Gordon

June 14, 2016


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As a growing company and an edgy brand, Optic Sky Productions understands the benefits of being associated with an event like On the Side Expo. They are artists, and they want to support artistry at every possible opportunity. Like many RAF members, Optic Sky founder Aaron Gordon hopes that this event will only grow and encourage creatives to step even further outside the box in their thinking.

Check out what Aaron has to say about the RAF and On the Side below…

I can’t speak for other forms of advertising, but for filmmaking I think now more than ever, Rochester is seeing a rebirth and regrowth of content after some years of relative quiet. Now firm in the digital age, video advertising has become not just a luxury but a standard. When I think of the huge community of advertisers in this city, I only see more potential to collaborate and to push each other to do better work. RAF promotes both of those things. With a mixture of healthy competition and collaboration, RAF brings proof and validation to what our minds can do when we all take the time to work with an entire community of creatives.


This is the 2nd year of On the Side Expo and Aaron’s first year participating. What does he hope to see in this year’s show? A little bit of everything.

I hope to be surprised by immersive mixed mediums that are less standard in such a show. A gallery like this gives artists the opportunity to be true artists with no agenda or sales pitch. Often times I find when personal products emerge with few to no limits, they often spark a new idea in the creative community that can be applied to commercial work campaigns soon after.

Here’s hoping he’s right! This year’s On the Side Expo will run August 4 – 14 with an opening event taking place at Rochester Contemporary Art Center on August 4th at 6pm.

Click here to learn more about this year’s show and how you can participate and attend.


Aaron Gordon is Founder, Director and Cinematographer of Optic Sky Productions.