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RAF Inspired: Inspiration in Music on the Timeline

September 2, 2016


Inspiration in Music on the Timeline
By Rich Pulvino

What inspires me? Hmm…




Polyvinyl Records announces the first American Football album in 17 years


…[deep breath]…

Phew! Got a little excited there.

Like many, music has always been my main source of inspiration. It helps me focus, and gives my brain a little push toward the edge of the diving board when I’m feeling too timid to jump in. But when the band that produced my favorite album of all time announces their first new album in 17 years, then we’re dealing with an entirely new set of emotions and feelings.

The immediate thoughts (while listening to the new album’s first single, “I’ve Been Lost For So Long”) are nostalgic and reflect upon the lapse in time. 17 years. A lot has happened in 17 years. For myself, for the band members, for any fans of the band who were obsessed with the first album like me and have been dreaming of their return since.

This change is inspiring. How people adapt and move along with the change is inspiring. And a moment in time such as this, that addresses such a gap, is moving to see how the band members have met the changes in their lives head on. And this will undoubtedly allow me to look at the changes in my life too. Seventeen years is a long time. While I have always been inspired by music throughout that time, how it effects has changed with each passing year. Excited to explore that when the new American Football album drops on October 21.