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Char Miller – AAF Spotlight

February 6, 2024


Char Miller will graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in May 2024. They will also complete minors in Craft and Materials Studies and in Advertising and Public Relations. In March 2024, Char will be honored with the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award by RIT for academic excellence. Char’s design portfolio features a variety of innovative projects that include typography, packaging, and exhibition design.

Char developed an interest in typography through their graphic design coursework at RIT, leading to several independent typographic studies. Their senior Capstone project is centered on multi-media expressive typography. In previous work, Char explored three-dimensional typography with movable sculptural ceramic letterforms, showcasing their passion for design innovation and creative expression.

Char’s proficiency in packaging design was recognized with awards from the 2023 Paperboard Packaging Alliance Student Competition and from industry professionals at ChaseDesign for a collaborative student project. They also have notable experience in exhibition design, having led the creation of the ‘Student Made: 50 Years of the RIT Purchase Prize’ exhibition, designing the ‘Golisano for Governor’ exhibition for RIT Archives, and creating a hand-painted ‘Bigfoot Legend History’ installation.

Professional Experience

Char worked as an Art Direction Intern for Crocs in the summer of 2023. They were involved in developing marketing campaigns and directed a product sizzle reel, managing a $60k budget and working with an international CGI agency. Char is set to join Crocs again in January 2024 as a Contract Digital Designer. Additionally, Char interned at View Center for Arts in Culture in Old Forge, NY, where they gained experience in campaign management, print advertising, and exhibition design. They currently hold the position of Graphic Designer and Studio Manager at the Command+g Design Lab at RIT, overseeing 17 student designers, client communications, and studio operations. Previously, Char worked with RIT University Communications as part of the Social Media Team, developing content and strategy for the @rittigers accounts.

Finding Graphic Design

Char discovered graphic design at sixteen during high school, where they began working with nonprofits in Upstate New York to create design solutions for their brands.

Future Career Goals

Char aspires to engage in art direction, particularly with innovative and emerging brands, drawn to the creative environment and design freedom they experienced at Crocs.